Leadership Development

What is a Leadership Development Program?

A leadership development program is a formal process that includes the following components:

  • Dynamic learning in training sessions
  • Practical application through focused assignments
  • Peer coaching groups
  • Action learning project

This customized leadership program creates insight, clarity, and a leadership mindset through a coach approach. We define mindset as habits or a mental attitute that determines how you interpret and respond to situations. This leadership program provides opportunities to practice and develop coaching skills to grow leadership capabilities in yourself and others.

With our design expertise, Clarity Leadership can assess the impact of your leadership program and supplement your program as needed to enhance its effectiveness.

Why is Leadership Development Important?

  1. Shortens the distance between learning and real-life results.

  2. Creates safe spaces for practicing new skills through interactive, in-person sessions and virtual peer-coaching.

  3. Goes beyond insight and develops the mental habits necessary for achieving meaningful change.

Your Leadership Journey

leadership journey
your leadership journey step 1
your leadership journey step 2
your leadership journey step 3

How are you growing leaders?

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