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From a 20 minute “TED” talk to a full-day workshop and everything in between, our leadership content is distinctive. The topics below come from proven content derived from multiple leadership programs. Each is customized to the specific needs of your audience.
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Leadership Mindset

How your thinking impacts your outcomes

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Truth Over Harmony

Strengthening relationships through resolving conflict

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Setting the Tone at the Top

Modeling ethical behavior

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Influence Without Authority

Building influence skills through storytelling

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Intentionally in Harmony

Reset your mind, body, and spirit to live your best life

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Strategic Thinking

How to solve problems before they happen

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Emotional Intelligence

Learn the predictors of success in life and work

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Leadership Alignment

Aligning practices with values

This content is unique as it uses real life stories with coaching questions to help participants connect with leadership lessons. Interactive activities mirror real-life scenarios that are customized to client needs.

As a woman of faith, Lisa  also speaks on Christian-themed topics that include:

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Living a Life of Purpose

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Taking a Stand
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Faith and Obedience
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Connecting Faith & Work
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Lead by Faith

Intentionally in Harmony

Do you and your team function as a harmonious force, each as though they’re living the best version of themselves individually and together? Are they a high-performing unit of action and results, mindfully focused on their goals?

At the Intentionally in Harmony Retreat, we’ll explore concepts and a plan that develop the tour de force of intentional harmony. We’ll overcome stress, promote wellness, and improve resilience. Individually, our mind, body, and spirit will work in harmony with hopes, dreams, and goals. And as a team we’re focused and action oriented, mindfully engaged on successful outcomes. 

It’s time for a reset for us all to learn and work together better and achieve our full potential.

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lisa anderson speaking at harmony retreat
lisa anderson speaking at intentionally in harmony retreat
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Lisa is available for speaking and workshop opportunities.

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